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Easy way to drink more water every day – IoT Project

Easy way to drink more water every day.

How much water do you drink a day
You will be aware of the importance of The habit of drinking water without mentioning.

We need to drink more water. So, I wanted to know how much drinking water.

Whole component

WIZwiki W7500(Wiznet) —— 2
Xbee(Digi) —————————— 2
SD card ———————————— 1
OLED Display(SeeedStudio) —— 1
Load Cell + HX711 —————— 1
LED ————————————— 2
Tact Switch ————————— 2

Overall Scheme

When I drink water, a Client send amount of water to Host.
Host can store the amount of water and Real time(using NTP) to SD card.

How to check the amount of water you drink.

  1. Make a chart and tick it off each time you drink a glass.
  2. Automatic sensing

    • Ultrasonic sensor to check the amount of water
    • Measure weight of the water.

Weight of water?

Pure water has its highest density of 1000 kg/m3 at temperature 4C(39.2F)

Load cell + HX711

Strain gauge

The force being sensed deforms a strain gauge. The strain gauge measures the deformation (strain) as a change in electrical resistance, which is a measure of the strain and hence the applied forces.


Make Cup holder(3D modeling)

used 123D Design tool

Calibration & Measurement

This 9V battery is 44g and I made sure that the measurements.
(W:43g -> Current weight, B:43g -> Temporary value for comparison)
For Calibration, You have to change the value of scale in source code.





Operation method

Test data

  1. Client send the data to Host.
    send 134: data type(Store at SD card: 1) + amount of water(34ml)

  2. Access and request to NTP server for realtime.

  3. Save realtime and a amount of water in SD card.

Actual data

  1. Put up a cup of water on top of the Load cell weight sensor

  2. Client sensed 264ml of water.

  3. When I was drinking water, W:0(Current weight:0, because of holding the hand), B:264(saved weight:264)

  4. Sensed 180ml.

  5. Put up a cup of water again. send data type(1) + 84ml of water.

Logged data on SD card


But, you don’t have to think about is do a few liters of water a day
You just have to set the target amount of water. Then you can see the percentage of data like below.

Source code repository in mbed






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